i dont know

Hi everyone,

So here I am, with my hammer, saw and a headache…

My company is CRH. Turns out they document their money in terms of ‘million Euros’. They are worth about a kajillion dollars and there annual reports are 263 pages long! Thank the lord I don’t have to read all of that!

Anyway, this post is basically just so I can get things off my chest. I am currently three-quarters of the way through putting the info in my spreadsheet. I know I haven’t been on Peerwise as much as I need to, and I certainly need to check out and comment on other peoples work more. The next two days should be good for that.

It’s funny.. I feel like everything is really spelled out for us in this subject.. Like, really broken down.. But, at the same time, it’s still confusing. I don’t know if it’s just so much content, or that I know absolutely nothing about this subject.

On a brighter note – I will be attending the circus with my family tonight. One with lions! Not the usual one I run at my house 😛

Have a great week everyone!

Warm regards,

Dannielle x