Hello again,

So I’ve just been investigating CRH in the news and I have found two articles of interest.

Business World article – this article is about CRH purchasing Republic Cement and Business Materials Inc outstanding public shares through a tender offer. I can’t really explain that further. This article is a little bit over my head. I think that RCBM used to be a company called Lafarge Republic, and CRH is buying the shares people had in Lafarge. Because Lafarge closed and the people would lose their shares? Because they are worth squat? I don’t know. Perhaps Martin could enlighten us on this one.

Trump’s wall article – I want a new company.. Haha! So, this one talks vaguely about how CRH would potentially be used to build the wall between USA and Mexico. It also mentions that CRH is the biggest building materials company in the USA. Apparently it has also been involved in the building of the ‘West Bank Wall’ (Israel).

Maybe they could build a wall around Donald Trump.. Haha! Sorry, not getting political.

Cheers guys!