Hi everyone,

So, I’m finally onto assignment steps 3-6. Honestly, I have been since last week, but finding the chance to sit down and start it has eluded me. No excuse other than everyday life – parenting, work, my psychology subjects, chasing our new pet chickens that escaped (don’t even laugh – for something 15cm high they dodge like little ninjas and run like Usain Bolt). They also squeeze straight through ‘chicken’ wire. STRAIGHT THROUGH!

Anyway.. My company is Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH). They formed in 1970 when Cement Ltd and Roadstone Ltd merged. It is an Irish company, and currently one of the primary building materials companies in the world.

Their financial statements are huge; 2016’s is 263 pages long. From inputting the financial information into my company spreadsheet, I have noticed that 2013 was a negative year. I need to read into it further to understand why. Onward from 2014 seems to be profitable though, with the profits increasing year-by-year. 2016 saw revenue of 27.1 billion euros. CRH’s vision is to become “the leading building materials business in the world”, through a strategy that includes continuous business improvement, disciplined and focused growth, leadership development and extracting the benefits of their scale.

My firm seems to be rather large compared to other students, which I am okay with. I think that regardless of the company I was given, it would all still be new territory, so not much difference there. I just have to sift through more pages to find the information I require.

My concern is that perhaps, the further we get into analysing the financials, the more difficulty I will have grasping the topic. To me, what we are doing now feels like it’s all quite generalised, and so a deeper understanding may be far more complicated. One-step-at-a-time though. I will try my best to really understand what I am learning, not just skim over it.

If you wish to pop over and have a look at CRH’s webpage, it is http://www.crh.com

Must go and pick up one of my children from kindy. I will be straight back at the computer this afternoon though so that I can get this draft done! No rest for the wicked.

I am constantly impressed by the work of others in this subject and I hope that you are all not stressing too much. Have a great week everybody.

Warm regards,

Dannielle x