i am soooo

Hi everyone,

Just cut this one straight from my assignment to pop up here. Honestly, I haven’t read many peoples blogs (and I more skim read than anything). However, here are my top three.

I wrote in my assignment, and I just wanted to put on here as well, that the standard of work in this class has been really impressive. That’s my view anyway. So well done every body!

Vacation week is only two weeks away, and although I never holiday, I am still excited it’s a week to plod along and play catch-up if required.

Happy hump day! Hope the rest of the week brings fun things x

Favourite three blogs


I enjoy following this blog by Jess. It is informative and well-written, and I love the bit of dry humour that is incorporated without straying too far from the topic. She has a great writing style.


Tiffany’s blog is a welcome relief from my accounting journey. I’m not a pet person, but strangely enough I enjoy that other people are, and I like that she includes that aspect in her blog. I have also seen that she has been generous in offering to/giving feedback to other students which should be commended.


I find that the way Jenna titles and sets out the work in her blog makes it easy for me to follow. Also, although I know there are many, it’s reassuring to see another working student that is married with children.