Hey everyone,

Ohh, not really a post I want to write, but here goes..

I haven’t given feedback as part of assignment #2. Why? Well, I sat down during the week and attempted to fill in a couple of feedback forms for people. The thing is – I didn’t have much to say. Like, I could put a couple of sentences in there.. But I didn’t really feel like I knew what I was talking about. What if I said something was right when it’s wrong? And vice-versa? I might have people questioning their good work! That’s not really quality and thoughtful feedback.. So, I let the team down there. My bad.

Secondly, I’m kind of flying blind with this whole thing. You see, when I uploaded my first assignment, genius-over-here didn’t realise (until I received my marks) that I forgot to upload my actual spreadsheet! Therefore – no marks for it! I immediately emailed Martin, and he opened the thingo so I could submit it again, which I very much appreciated. What a silly mistake I had made! However, from what I can see, my marks haven’t been reviewed. So, I am actually going off no feedback on my first spreadsheet. Which is my own fault.. Talk about a disaster.

Anyway, I am about to look at this whole thing again. Wish me luck lol… Dunno what for. On the plus side, my psych assessments are going well.. I’m not just a terrible student all-round.

I have not prepared a meme today – so here is a picture of me and my five month old Luther instead 🙂 The focus on our faces, hehe! He will be close to a fully qualified psychologist by age 3!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheers, Dan x

Luther and i


UPDATE: OH MY GOSH so i just went into the assignment submission for the first spreadsheet to triple check nothing had changed.. and… even though i had uploaded my spreadsheet – it looks like i didn’t submit it fully!! AARRGHJGHGHH!! I should never have strayed away from science! Anyway, so as I stated before, MY FAULT for not having reviewed marks! I drink alcohol like once a year, but I’m seriously considering a wine tonight!

I apologise this blog is like a big whinge-fest but this subject is out to get me! Haha!

Once again, have a great weekend everybody!