Flying blind — September 8, 2017

Flying blind

Hey everyone,

Ohh, not really a post I want to write, but here goes..

I haven’t given feedback as part of assignment #2. Why? Well, I sat down during the week and attempted to fill in a couple of feedback forms for people. The thing is – I didn’t have much to say. Like, I could put a couple of sentences in there.. But I didn’t really feel like I knew what I was talking about. What if I said something was right when it’s wrong? And vice-versa? I might have people questioning their good work! That’s not really quality and thoughtful feedback.. So, I let the team down there. My bad.

Secondly, I’m kind of flying blind with this whole thing. You see, when I uploaded my first assignment, genius-over-here didn’t realise (until I received my marks) that I forgot to upload my actual spreadsheet! Therefore – no marks for it! I immediately emailed Martin, and he opened the thingo so I could submit it again, which I very much appreciated. What a silly mistake I had made! However, from what I can see, my marks haven’t been reviewed. So, I am actually going off no feedback on my first spreadsheet. Which is my own fault.. Talk about a disaster.

Anyway, I am about to look at this whole thing again. Wish me luck lol… Dunno what for. On the plus side, my psych assessments are going well.. I’m not just a terrible student all-round.

I have not prepared a meme today – so here is a picture of me and my five month old Luther instead 🙂 The focus on our faces, hehe! He will be close to a fully qualified psychologist by age 3!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheers, Dan x

Luther and i


UPDATE: OH MY GOSH so i just went into the assignment submission for the first spreadsheet to triple check nothing had changed.. and… even though i had uploaded my spreadsheet – it looks like i didn’t submit it fully!! AARRGHJGHGHH!! I should never have strayed away from science! Anyway, so as I stated before, MY FAULT for not having reviewed marks! I drink alcohol like once a year, but I’m seriously considering a wine tonight!

I apologise this blog is like a big whinge-fest but this subject is out to get me! Haha!

Once again, have a great weekend everybody!

I’m ready — September 1, 2017

I’m ready

Hi all!

Totally ready for feedback! Yayyyy!

I had some tutoring from a friend who works in finance and has studied accounting. The first subject I have required tutoring on!

Anyway, this took a lot of man hours and I think I have three new wrinkles LOL.

Any feedback will be appreciated. I will be leaving feedback on Monday and Tuesday when the big fella is at kindy.

Thanks guys. Have a great weekend!


Company Spreadsheet 2017 restated

Please restate — August 30, 2017

Please restate


I love this meme!!  …It makes me laugh. At my own pain. Every term.

Yesterday I was quite happy with where I am. Two psych assignments; one due in two weeks, the other in three. Nothing due in accounting for two weeks. Except a draft. In two days. You fool.

Restate your financial statements. I have to be honest, I am in a world of frustration with this! I get the concept, and yet I read the section about how to do it over and over, but I have nothing. I’m thinking that I may need to ask our lecturer or somebody for help, but that is after I spend this afternoon seeing if I can make any progress.

I hope everyone else is doing well. I was amazed to see that a few students were unhappy with their grades (and students that I think are doing fantastic, mind you). But that’s university life sometimes, isn’t it?

I spoke with my sister a few days ago, and also my husband, as they are both going through receiving grades that are a bit disheartening. What I said to them is that – I think that constructive criticism is hard to take. Simple as that. I know we are taught that it is intended to help us. We are well aware that no offence is meant to be caused. But, honestly, deep down, if you strip away all the sugar… It’s still criticism. We have still completed a task/attempted something and it still sucks to be told it’s not so great. Even just being told there is room to improve.. That’s how I find it anyway. Which is fine, I think it’s a totally normal reaction, provided we are able to feel the little bit of hurt, pick our shit up and carry on. That’s the thing. That’s where the trick lies. Take the constructive criticism, dust yourself off and endeavor to be better next time.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a bit carried away there, haha! Whenever I moan about having a 2500 word essay to write, my husband says “You say 2500 words every time I walk through the door. Where’s the difficulty?”!

Speaking of essays.. I had better go and try this restating once more.

Best wishes to you all. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Cheers, Dannielle x

Top three blogs — August 2, 2017

Top three blogs



i am soooo

Hi everyone,

Just cut this one straight from my assignment to pop up here. Honestly, I haven’t read many peoples blogs (and I more skim read than anything). However, here are my top three.

I wrote in my assignment, and I just wanted to put on here as well, that the standard of work in this class has been really impressive. That’s my view anyway. So well done every body!

Vacation week is only two weeks away, and although I never holiday, I am still excited it’s a week to plod along and play catch-up if required.

Happy hump day! Hope the rest of the week brings fun things x

Favourite three blogs

I enjoy following this blog by Jess. It is informative and well-written, and I love the bit of dry humour that is incorporated without straying too far from the topic. She has a great writing style.

Tiffany’s blog is a welcome relief from my accounting journey. I’m not a pet person, but strangely enough I enjoy that other people are, and I like that she includes that aspect in her blog. I have also seen that she has been generous in offering to/giving feedback to other students which should be commended.

I find that the way Jenna titles and sets out the work in her blog makes it easy for me to follow. Also, although I know there are many, it’s reassuring to see another working student that is married with children.

I’m building a wall — July 31, 2017

I’m building a wall

Hello again,

So I’ve just been investigating CRH in the news and I have found two articles of interest.

Business World article – this article is about CRH purchasing Republic Cement and Business Materials Inc outstanding public shares through a tender offer. I can’t really explain that further. This article is a little bit over my head. I think that RCBM used to be a company called Lafarge Republic, and CRH is buying the shares people had in Lafarge. Because Lafarge closed and the people would lose their shares? Because they are worth squat? I don’t know. Perhaps Martin could enlighten us on this one.

Trump’s wall article – I want a new company.. Haha! So, this one talks vaguely about how CRH would potentially be used to build the wall between USA and Mexico. It also mentions that CRH is the biggest building materials company in the USA. Apparently it has also been involved in the building of the ‘West Bank Wall’ (Israel).

Maybe they could build a wall around Donald Trump.. Haha! Sorry, not getting political.

Cheers guys!

My business – CRH —

My business – CRH

Hi everyone,

So, I’m finally onto assignment steps 3-6. Honestly, I have been since last week, but finding the chance to sit down and start it has eluded me. No excuse other than everyday life – parenting, work, my psychology subjects, chasing our new pet chickens that escaped (don’t even laugh – for something 15cm high they dodge like little ninjas and run like Usain Bolt). They also squeeze straight through ‘chicken’ wire. STRAIGHT THROUGH!

Anyway.. My company is Cement Roadstone Holdings (CRH). They formed in 1970 when Cement Ltd and Roadstone Ltd merged. It is an Irish company, and currently one of the primary building materials companies in the world.

Their financial statements are huge; 2016’s is 263 pages long. From inputting the financial information into my company spreadsheet, I have noticed that 2013 was a negative year. I need to read into it further to understand why. Onward from 2014 seems to be profitable though, with the profits increasing year-by-year. 2016 saw revenue of 27.1 billion euros. CRH’s vision is to become “the leading building materials business in the world”, through a strategy that includes continuous business improvement, disciplined and focused growth, leadership development and extracting the benefits of their scale.

My firm seems to be rather large compared to other students, which I am okay with. I think that regardless of the company I was given, it would all still be new territory, so not much difference there. I just have to sift through more pages to find the information I require.

My concern is that perhaps, the further we get into analysing the financials, the more difficulty I will have grasping the topic. To me, what we are doing now feels like it’s all quite generalised, and so a deeper understanding may be far more complicated. One-step-at-a-time though. I will try my best to really understand what I am learning, not just skim over it.

If you wish to pop over and have a look at CRH’s webpage, it is

Must go and pick up one of my children from kindy. I will be straight back at the computer this afternoon though so that I can get this draft done! No rest for the wicked.

I am constantly impressed by the work of others in this subject and I hope that you are all not stressing too much. Have a great week everybody.

Warm regards,

Dannielle x



I don’t know.. — July 26, 2017

I don’t know..

i dont know

Hi everyone,

So here I am, with my hammer, saw and a headache…

My company is CRH. Turns out they document their money in terms of ‘million Euros’. They are worth about a kajillion dollars and there annual reports are 263 pages long! Thank the lord I don’t have to read all of that!

Anyway, this post is basically just so I can get things off my chest. I am currently three-quarters of the way through putting the info in my spreadsheet. I know I haven’t been on Peerwise as much as I need to, and I certainly need to check out and comment on other peoples work more. The next two days should be good for that.

It’s funny.. I feel like everything is really spelled out for us in this subject.. Like, really broken down.. But, at the same time, it’s still confusing. I don’t know if it’s just so much content, or that I know absolutely nothing about this subject.

On a brighter note – I will be attending the circus with my family tonight. One with lions! Not the usual one I run at my house 😛

Have a great week everyone!

Warm regards,

Dannielle x




Assignment One – Step One — July 16, 2017

Assignment One – Step One

Hi there,

Assig 1 step 1 Dannielle Nicol

Am posting my link to step one of our assignment today. As I read through others I am rather concerned. I seem to be very low on word count, however, I don’t want to ramble. I think I have a bit of a complex from high school. I always lost marks for ‘rambling’ or my words not flowing and ‘losing direction’.

I have written my reactions and mentioned key concepts that stand out to me. Don’t really have any questions as yet.

Did receive my company. Building materials.. Funny, my husband is a carpenter and the family business is building!

Anyway, good luck to everyone. I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,

Dannielle Nicol



First blog post — July 13, 2017

First blog post

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my accounting adventure..

This is my first time blogging, and of all the topics in the world, I never would have expected it to be about accounting! I am a second year psychology student and have taken this introductory subject as an elective.

When I chose accounting I was thinking mundane numbers… that’ll be a nice change from the world of psychology. Then the statement I think I have read about 64 times in this first week is: ‘Accounting is not just numbers’.


Anyway, I’ve got this. If you are studying alongside me this term – we’ve got this! Enjoy, and please feel free to say hi and spark up discussion!

Warm regards,

Dannielle x

keep calm and