I love this meme!!  …It makes me laugh. At my own pain. Every term.

Yesterday I was quite happy with where I am. Two psych assignments; one due in two weeks, the other in three. Nothing due in accounting for two weeks. Except a draft. In two days. You fool.

Restate your financial statements. I have to be honest, I am in a world of frustration with this! I get the concept, and yet I read the section about how to do it over and over, but I have nothing. I’m thinking that I may need to ask our lecturer or somebody for help, but that is after I spend this afternoon seeing if I can make any progress.

I hope everyone else is doing well. I was amazed to see that a few students were unhappy with their grades (and students that I think are doing fantastic, mind you). But that’s university life sometimes, isn’t it?

I spoke with my sister a few days ago, and also my husband, as they are both going through receiving grades that are a bit disheartening. What I said to them is that – I think that constructive criticism is hard to take. Simple as that. I know we are taught that it is intended to help us. We are well aware that no offence is meant to be caused. But, honestly, deep down, if you strip away all the sugar… It’s still criticism. We have still completed a task/attempted something and it still sucks to be told it’s not so great. Even just being told there is room to improve.. That’s how I find it anyway. Which is fine, I think it’s a totally normal reaction, provided we are able to feel the little bit of hurt, pick our shit up and carry on. That’s the thing. That’s where the trick lies. Take the constructive criticism, dust yourself off and endeavor to be better next time.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a bit carried away there, haha! Whenever I moan about having a 2500 word essay to write, my husband says “You say 2500 words every time I walk through the door. Where’s the difficulty?”!

Speaking of essays.. I had better go and try this restating once more.

Best wishes to you all. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Cheers, Dannielle x